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How to Stay Young at Heart As You Age


While some people fret over getting older many people 55 and better actually feel young at heart. This simply means that they have remained energetic, curious, and engaged as they have gotten older. If you wish you felt this way about yourself, or already do but want to ensure that you maintain your youthful outlook, we have good news for you. There are many things you can do to energize your body and mind as you age!

Read on for our helpful tips on how to stay young at heart no matter what your age. 

Never Settle 

Older adults who never settle tend to keep a sharp mind and healthy body well into old age. These folks never “settle” for the life they’ve lived or the skills they’ve acquired so far. Instead, they challenge themselves by learning new languages, musical instruments, or taking up a new hobby.  

Keep Moving

Most people benefit from exercise and this often doubly-true for seniors. Physical symptoms of aging can often be slowed or even reversed when you participate in a safe, effective exercise program. In addition to developing strength and flexibility, you may find that your balance improves (important for avoiding falls) and that your mental acuity improves.

At Everleigh, exercise facilities and classes, including gyms with cardio machines and weights, swimming pools, and group fitness classes, are available to everyone. In addition, residents often form their own exercise groups, such as walking clubs.

Stay Connected 

Staying in touch with friends and family is incredibly important. It’s also wise to develop new relationships, particularly as you transition from working full time into retirement or becoming an empty-nester. Getting to know new, and different, people not only provides intellectual stimulation and nurtures emotional flexibility, but it also provides social connections and support. 

Learning how to stay young at heart is really a matter of attitude and a willingness to take steps toward creating the kind of life you deserve and enjoy. If you are considering a move to an active adult community where your need for wellness can flourish, consider a visit to one of our communities