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Discover the Best Indoor Plants for Apartments


Plants add color and life to any room and are often inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Still, some plants are more suited to small dwellings, such as apartment homes and condominiums, than others. If you are considering purchasing greenery for your home, consider this list of some of the best indoor plants commonly available in the United States.

Don’t Call the Exterminator: Snake and Spider Plants

While snakes and spiders are often cause for alarm, you won’t have to worry much about these popular house plants. Both are very attractive, do well in low light, and do not require a lot of attention or frequent watering.

Still, each plant does have its own advantages that you should be aware of. The snake plant works best in a floor planter, adding color and style to any corner of a room. Interestingly enough, the snake plant also has the capacity for removing toxins from the environment and improving air quality.

If space is at a premium in your apartment, consider a spider plant. These green beauties are considered to be one of the best plants for apartments because their root systems don’t mind being crowded together. This means that you won’t need a large pot or planter for this plant.

Desert Plants: Cacti and Other Succulents

Apartment dwellers are also fond of succulents. These desert plants are built to contain water, so they don't need a huge amount of attention and do fine with a watering every month or so. While large succulents and cacti are available, many are quite small. Still, even tiny succulents can come in some astonishing shapes and colors, some of which look more like sea creatures than plants.

Lucky Bamboo

Get your feng shui on with a lucky bamboo plant. These plants pair wonderfully with Asian or minimalist decor and only require shade and water to flourish. In addition, bamboo is said to bring good luck to the homes in which it grows.

Still considering your houseplant options? Visit a local nursery and talk to one of the salespeople there. Explain your needs and concerns and the nursery expert can guide you to the right plant for your home. In addition to adding greenery to your apartment, read how decluttering and organizing your apartment home can help you destress and enjoy your space.