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10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors That Will Make Their Lives Easier


Have you ever known somebody who is just an awesome gift giver? These folks seem to have a knack for finding items that always put a smile on the recipient’s face. Great gift-givers have one big secret: they pay close attention to the people they care about. 

When considering holiday gifts for seniors, pay attention to what your loved ones say to you, or what you observe when visiting. Mentions of hobbies, pets, household chores or even mobility issues can give you some great ideas for picking out just the right item. 

Here are some ideas for gifts for retirees:

  1. Single-serve coffee maker: Many seniors love coffee but are on doctor’s orders to reduce caffeine intake. A single-serve coffee maker assists people in regulating the amount of coffee they drink and takes up less space than its full-size counterparts.

  2. Throw blanket: These blankets can make some of the best gifts for seniors because they are so useful. They can be used as lap blankets while watching TV or reading. They can also come in handy when guests spend the night.

  3. Multi-size jar opener: Individuals with arthritis or difficulty getting a firm grip on jar lids will appreciate one of these jar openers. A perfect stocking stuffer!

  4. Reach & Grab Tool: These are wonderful for retrieving items from shelves or picking up things that have fallen under the bed or behind a chair.

  5. Flameless candles: Many people appreciate the warm glow of candles but may have safety concerns. These flameless candles offer the look of a candle with no flame and no wax drippings to clean up.

  6. Captioned telephone: Seniors with hearing loss can use this captioned telephone to place necessary phone calls and keep in touch with friends and family members.

  7. Suction cup grab bar: Many injuries occur in the bathtub or shower. This suction grab bar requires no special tools to install and does not require drilling into the wall. A sensor tells you when the bar is securely in place.

  8. Wireless item locator: These devices attach to keys and other items so that they can be easily found.

  9. White noise machine: White noise has been proven to help people who struggle with insomnia fall asleep quickly.

  10. Upright book holder: These book holders are great for holding cookbooks and recipes in the kitchen. You can also place them on a lap desk for bedtime reading.

With a little attention, some creativity, and perhaps a few well-chosen questions, selecting gifts for older people doesn’t need to be difficult. Keep in mind the individual and his or her needs, and perhaps allow a little extra time to make a decision. Happy Holidays!