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Personal wellness helps prepare your body and mind for new challenges and questions. For many people, spirituality is an important way to connect with their community, their souls, and life’s mysteries. 

Everleigh recognizes the importance that spirituality plays in many people’s lives. We strive to create a community that nourishes residents’ faith traditions and practices.

Our communities offer the following:

Meditation Classes

Our communities offer meditation classes that can help you become more aware of the present, tune out mental “clutter,” and de-stress. 

Religious Studies Classes

Faith leaders, academics, and engaged laypeople offer classes and lectures that can introduce you to the world’s religious faiths and practices. Learning about other traditions can help you better understand other cultures and communities while providing more insight into your own tradition.

Pay It Forward

All spiritual paths teach the importance of helping others. We support giving back to communities through opportunities to be of service to others.

Develop Community Relationships

Our residents have the opportunity to participate in interfaith services as well as faith-specific congregations near our communities. Many seniors appreciate being able to interact with others who hold similar values.

*Not all amenities and activities are available at every Everleigh Community. Please contact an Everleigh representative for details.