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Occupational wellness is important for everyone. At Everleigh, we encourage our residents to discover new passions, acquire new skills, and develop existing talents and interests. Our occupational programming provides you with tools and inspiration to continue in your current career, discover a new one, or to get involved with a new hobby.

“Creativity is the natural extension of our enthusiasm,” says renowned author and radio personality Earl Nightengale. We at Everleigh agree with him. Our programs and classes offer ample opportunity to explore new pursuits while connecting with new friends.

Career Development

Our communities offer career development and resume workshops as well as the opportunity to attend local job fairs.

Creative Fun in the Kitchen

We regularly offer cooking demonstrations and classes, often taught by celebrated guest chefs. Wine lovers will also appreciate our wine tastings and parings classes.

Arts & Crafts

Many people are surprised to learn that they have hidden talents: All they needed was an opportunity and a little encouragement. Our arts and crafts classes provide instruction and inspiration to participants of all skill levels.

Book Clubs

Everleigh book clubs offer an opportunity to read the latest best-sellers, time-honored classics and everything in between. Get together each week with neighbors and friends to discuss your thoughts, feelings, and insights.


Our residents love putting together theatrical performances. Join as a cast or crew member, or just enjoy the show!

*Not all amenities and activities are available at every Everleigh Community. Please contact an Everleigh representative for details.