You know what they say—you learn something new every day! At Everleigh, that adage has never been more true. The world is brimming with new opportunities for learning, growth, and development, and we love to provide the opportunity to quench the thirst to learn.

No matter your background, our classes are created to be both stimulating and inclusive to keep you interested as you grow and expand your knowledge!

Computer and Software Courses

As we travel further and further into the age of technology, staying privy to the latest and greatest gadgets out there is ever essential. Wouldn’t it be great to impress your grandkids with your knowledge of gifs and hashtags?

History Courses

Whether you’re a history aficionado or new to the study of what’s past, Everleigh gives you the opportunity to explore the rich history of the world we live in.

Ancestry Research

Find out if you really are Thomas Jefferson’s great-great-great-grandchild or if your family actually landed on Plymouth Rock. Everleigh will give you the tools you need to find out where you came from and pass that along to your future generations.

Writing Classes

Learn to write like the greats with Everleigh’s structured creative writing classes. You may be penning the next best-seller before you know it!

Prepare for the Future

Let Everleigh demystify your next steps with seminars on government and insurance benefits, consultations with expert estate planners, and information on overall financial and legal issues pertaining to the active adult community. Leave out the grey area and live your life free from the stress of future plans.

*Not all amenities and activities are available at every Everleigh Community. Please contact an Everleigh representative for details.